TriPro® Safe Breath Nasal Spray

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How TriPro® works?

(TriPro® designed for triple protection.)
Tripro is not a vaccine and can be used when needed to provide triple protection.

  1. The weakly acidic liquid-gel formula of TriPro® helps to maintain a low pH environment in the nasal mucosa and forms a physical film barrier against pathogens.
  2. TriPro® interferes with the folding of spike proteins and decreases its binding with host cells by 98% which prevents virus entry into host cells.
  3. The patented TriPro® formulation increases antioxidant levels in nasal epithelial cells, enhancing immunity and antioxidant ability of epithelial cells.
  • P.S. Vaccines stimulate production of antigens to initiate immune response. Individuals with weaker immunity are unable to initiate a robust response to the vaccine. This means that vaccines are less effective to these individuals.
How to use TriPro® ?
  • What can TriPro® do?

TriPro® is designed to prevent binding of coronavirus spike(S) protein and human cellular ACE2 by destabilizing the disulfide bonds crucial for maintaining the protein structure. At the same time, TriPro® increases antioxidant ability of nasal epithelial cells, reinforcing protection against infection.

  • How long does the TriPro® protection last?

In vitro experiments confirm that TriPro® suppresses influenza A virus replication for up to 24 hrs. Small tiny brushes called the cilia lining the insides of our respiratory tract exhibit a beating motion that sweeps away the product. We recommend reapplying TriPro® every 8 hrs.

  • When to use TriPro®?

TriPro® is intented to provide enhanced protection against virus infection. Use the product when in high risk environment such as but not limited to mass gatherings, enclosed space, and dense crowds. Not recommended to use more than 4 times in 24 hrs.

  • When using TriPro® , do I still need other protective measures and practice social distancing?

TriPro® provides an extra layer protection. We strongly recommend using TriPro® along with other protective measures such as wearing face masks, vaccination, and using hand sanitizers. TriPro® cannot substitute vaccines or facemasks. TriPro® cannot not prevent the spread of airborne disease.

  • Can I use TriPro®?

TriPro® is tested to be biocompatible and safe for use. If you are unsure about anything or have any questions, please consult a doctor before use.

  • Possible discomfort

No discomfort was recorded in clinical use. It is normal to feel the spray droplets in your nose when you first apply it. The sensation should subside as you get use to it.

  • Cautions

To avoid contamination, do not use TriPro® for more than one person. TriPro®   is not intended to be used in the eye. If the product gets into the eyes, immediately rinse eyes with clean, lukewarm water.

Qualifications of TriPro®

  • ISO 13485:2016 Medical devices — Quality management systems
  • ISO10993 -1:2018 - Biological evaluation of medical devices
  • Residues of Heavy Metals Safety Test
  • Microbiological Examination (reference to European Phamacopoeia 10.0, Chapter 2.6.12 and European Phamacopoeia 10.0, Chapter 2.6.13)


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