Functions and features:

  • Increase basal metabolism
  • Reduce fat absorption
  • Wake up the youthful state of the skin
  • Anti-aging
  • Relieve stress
  • Thirty in a box


  • People over 40 years old
  • Menopausal people
  • People who are prone to fatigue
  • Fitness people

How to eat:

1 time a day, 4 ml each time


The active ingredients of TAIVIA™, ghrelin and ghrelin-like components, act as antioxidants to effectively inhibit oxidative stress and control inflammation, and help the heart and skeletal muscles to be healthy and hormones balanced. At the same time, dietary amino acids and vitamins promote muscle protein synthesis. Plant extracts naturally exert the effect of balancing female hormones.

As women's health and vitality fade in the natural aging process, TAIVIA™ can always find a way to effectively attack.

International clinical verification/quality certification:

  • TAIVIA™ is rich in 15 active ingredients including bioactive peptides, amino acids, vitamins and natural extracts. The unique formula is like a biological key, unlocking the cell regeneration function and reshaping the vitality of life.
  • Production originates from the United States and is certified by the US FDA
  • The packaging process is also carried out in a Hong Kong GMP certified factory
  • Pass Hong Kong SGS heavy metal and bacteria test to ensure food safety standards
  • The content of the finished product is tested to ensure that the content of the ingredients on the packaging meets the requirements

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