IEMScreen - Metabolic Test for Newborn Babies - M001


Product introduction

Inborn errors of metabolism (IEM) are caused by defects in genetic factors, leading to the lack of certain metabolic enzymes in the baby's body, causing problems in the baby's metabolism. This can cause the baby to lack certain essential substances or accumulate toxic substances in the baby's body. Early detection and treatment of congenital metabolic defects can reduce future development and health problems for babies.

Functions and features:

  • IEMScreen can screen 48 different inborn errors of metabolism (IEM)
  • Congenital metabolic defects are rare. About 1 in 4000 babies may suffer from IEM. If they are not treated early, they may affect the health and development of the babies in the future
  • This test requires a dried blood sample. The sample only needs to be punctured on the heel of the baby and then 4 drops of blood are collected on the blood sampling card for testing. The puncture process is safe and low-risk
  • The sample extraction process will be carried out by medical professionals of the partner clinic. The following provides the details of the appointment
  • Tests are conducted by laboratory professionals in Hong Kong Science Park


  • Easily get sick
  • Skin allergies
  • Chronic fatigue appears
  • Frequent gastrointestinal discomfort

Products include:

Blood class collection card, special bag for blood collection card, return envelope, application form, blood collection needle, sterilized alcohol cotton pad, adhesive tape, instruction manual

Operation process:

  1. Choose the appropriate test
    Check with customer service and consultants and select the test that suits you
  1. Book online
    After selecting the test items, make an appointment for blood draw time
  1. Fill in appointment information
    Fill in name, contact information and appointment time
  1. Customer service calls to confirm
    Wait for customer service calls to confirm that the appointment is successful
  1. Go to the clinic for blood sampling
    Go to the store on time for blood sampling

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