Hi5Fit - Diet and exercise genetic testing


An introduction to detection

  • Test genes associated with the three main nutrients of exercise and diet (carbohydrate, protein and fat) to analyze the body's response to different nutrients and exercise to reduce the risk of overweight
  • Through testing, we can understand the optimal proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in your diet, such as high-intensity physical activity, physical endurance, and diet, and provide the basis for developing effective fitness programs
  • Based on your genetic results analysis, you can do more with less by providing personalized diet and exercise advice
  • The cost includes a blood collection kit, blood drop test, and electronic reporting
  • Follow the steps on the instruction card to collect your own samples at home (finger blood) and send them back to Govita in a return envelope when you're done
  • Tested by professional and technical personnel at the Hong Kong laboratory
  • Govita will issue a test report 20 working days after receiving the sample


Athletes Bodybuilders
Postpartum body repair - Weight loss person

Products include:

Blood class collection card, blood card special bag, return envelope, application form, blood needle, disinfection alcohol cotton tablets, cloth, use of help book


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