Hi5Fit - Nutrition and Sport Genetic Test - G019


Introduction to Testing

  • Test genes related to exercise and three major nutrients (Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat) to analyze the body's response to different nutrients and exercise
  • Understanding your capacity for high-intensity physical exercise, physical endurance, and the optimum ratio of dietary carbohydrate, protein and fat to help you create your own fitness plan
  • Provides personalized dietary and exercise recommendations
  • Cost includes blood collection kit + drip test + electronic report 
  • Convenient at-home sample collection (finger-stick blood) 
  • Tested by professional and technical personnel in Hong Kong laboratory
  • Electronic report woule be sent after 20 working days upon successful return of sample

Specially for

‧ Athletes ‧ Fitness enthusiasts
‧ Postpartum weight-loss planners ‧ People who kickstart a weight-loss journey

Products included:

Blood collection card, special bag for blood collection card, self-addressed envelope, application form, blood collection needle, sterilized alcohol cotton pad, adhesive tape, instruction manual

Operating procedure

  • Wipe your fingertip with an alcohol swab
  • After natural drying, use a lancet to draw blood on your fingertip
  • Keep your finger in a downward position and drop blood on the collection card
  • After air drying, put the sample in our envelope and send back to Govita together with the completed application form by post

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