Functions and features:

  • Promote cell regeneration
  • Increase muscle mass and strengthen
  • Enhance Strongness of bones and joints
  • Improve mood
  • Improve overall energy levels
  • 30 bottles per box

Target : 

  • People over 40 years old
  • People with stress
  • people suffer with fatigue
  • Fitness people

Suggested use:

Once a day, 4 ml each time


The active ingredients of ENPYTAI™ : ghrelin and ghrelin-like components, act as antioxidants to inhibit oxidative stress effectively, control inflammation, and maintain myocardium, skeletal muscle health and hormone balance. At the same time, dietary amino acids and vitamins promote muscle protein synthesis and enhance bone density.

As men's natural aging process fades away, ENPYTAI™ will provide an unprecedented energy。

International clinical verification/quality certification:

  • ENPYTAI™ is rich of 10 active ingredients including bioactive peptides, amino acids, vitamins and natural extracts. The unique formula is like a biological key, unlocking the cell regenerative function and reshaping the vitality of life.
  • The production originated from the United States and was certified by the US FDA
  • The packaging process is carried out in a Hong Kong GMP certified factory
  • Passed Hong Kong SGS heavy metal and bacteria test to ensure food safety standards
  • Finial product content inspection to ensure that the content of ingredients on the package meets the requirements

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