Functions and features:

  • ENPYTAI™ is rich of 10 active ingredients including bioactive peptides, amino acids, vitamins and natural extracts. The unique formula is like a biological key, unlocking the cell regenerative function and reshaping the vitality of life
  • Active ingredients such as ghrelin and ghrelin-like components act as antioxidants to effectively inhibit oxidative stress and regulate inflammation, thus help maintain cardiovascular, skeletal muscle health and hormonal balance
  • Includes dietary amino acids and vitamins to promote muscle protein synthesis, increase bone density, and strengthen your joints
  • Increase muscle mass and strength
  • Relieve stress and boost your energy levels

Specially for Men who are:

‧ Over 40 years old ‧ Suffering from work-realted stress
‧ Get tired easily ‧ Fitness enthusiast

International clinical verification/quality certification:

  • Produced in the United States and certified by the US FDA
  • Packaging process is carried out in a GMP-certified Hong Kong factory
  • Passed Hong Kong SGS heavy metal and bacteria test to ensure food safety standards
  • Content of the finished prodcut is tested to safeguard product quality
Packaging: 30 bottles per box, 4ml per bottle
Recommended Intake: 1 bottle per day 

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