IVF Pregnancy Rate Assessment Package (Women)


Introduction to Testing

● Check the level of vitamins in the body to truly reflect the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, B9 (folate) and B12

● Know your basic needs for various nutrients through genetic testing

● From genetic analysis to help reduce the health risks of expectant mothers before and after childbirth, as well as the healthy development of the baby

Specially for

Pre-pregnant/ Pregnant women

Test items

1. Nutrition requirements

  • 4 genes:
    • Vitamin B2, B6, B9, B12, D
  • 5 blood tests:
    • Vitamin B9, B12, E, A, D

2. Dietary needs

  • 6 genes:
    • pre-pregnancy obesity
    • risk of having gestational diabetes
    • risk of having compulsive overeating
    • efficiency of carbohydrate metabolism
    • efficiency of fat metabolism
    • efficiency of protein metabolism

3. Postpartum Depression Management

  • 3 genes:

    • the influence of dopamine and serotonin signaling on depression

4. Thyroid Health

  • 1 gene: 
    • the effect of thyroid health on infant's IQ and neuropsychological function

5. Detox status

  • 3 genes:
    • antioxidant capacity of the uterus
    • risk of miscarriage caused by exposure to secondhand smoke
    • risk of smoking mothers giving birth to low-birth-weight babies
    • influence of second-hand smoke during pregnancy on the infant’s early intellectual development
  • 1 blood test

6. Risk of having Cardiovascular disease during pregnancy

  • 2 genes
  • 2 blood tests

Electronic copy of the report will be sent 15 working days upon successful receipt of test sample

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